Memorial to Precious, Senior Rescue Pomeranian & Co-star Extraordinaire

I don’t know how to ease into this, y’all. Our sixteen year old rescue Pomeranian, Precious crossed the Rainbow Bridge last Friday. She was not just “the family dog”. She was family. So, it’s important for me to memorialize her as best as pawssible. (See, we like the dog puns, there. And, it took me […]

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VIDEO: New Jersey Theatre Alliance Auditions

I was interviewed to speak about my experience at the NJTA (New Jersey Theatre Alliance) Combined Auditions. If I look super intense during my monologue, it’s because I’m doing a Greek monologue, you know those Greek’s – they’re fierce!
By Maddie Orton
Arts Correspondent
Two hundred forty actors with butterflies in their bellies. Their essence boiled down […]

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TRUST ME, I’M a LIFEGUARD has been making waves these past few months and continues to splash (I have to keep with the beach theme, y’all) this summer. The film is a bro-mantic comedy about what happens when the summer of your life comes to an end. In it, I portray Smitty, a hard core […]

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Film Premier at TriBeCa Film Festival 2014

I am super excited and grateful to announce that a short I shot Summer 2013 on the Jersey Shore will be making its premier at TriBeCa Film Festival this Spring!
Trust Me, I’m a Lifeguard is a bro-mantic comedy about two lifeguards, who, when confronted with the end of summer, are forced to make adult decisions […]

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