Brooke Hoover

Brooke, a Baton Rouge, Louisiana native, first caught the acting bug while portraying “Lazy Mary” in Kindergarten. But as a Leo with a Gemini rising, Brooke has been anything but a lazy Mary. She spent much of her only childhood in rigorous trampoline rehearsals and dance performances to the tunes of Paula Abdul which only her Pomeranian and Peek-a-Poo attended. That soon landed Brooke and some neighborhood friends greater audiences who watched the girls re-enact the final scene from “Dirty Dancing”. Enough with the childhood stuff. You get the point: Brooke was a wacky kid with a lot of energy and a passion to perform.

Some of her notable television credits include Co-Star roles on Law and Order SVU twice thus far Season 12 “Pop” and most recently Season 14 “Lessons Learned” as well as “Quarry” (Cinemax, February 2016). Brooke has also worked regularly with ABC News on “What Would You Do?” as an improv / scenario actor. She also had the amazing opportunity to return to her Louisiana roots for the film “The Runner” starring Nicholas Cage and Sarah Paulson.

She continues to improv (and improve) and write her own stuff.

  • Brooke just wrote, produced and starred in a short SAG-AFTRA film “SHYFT” in post-production. Hitting the festival circuit SOON! Shyft co-stars Harinder Sood and is directed by Jennifer Plotzke.
  • Brooke is currently working with the awesome team who collaborated on Brooke’s first one woman show “Wayward Souls” Brian Sanford Lady and Nick Robideau on her next one woman show “Phat Girl Costumes”.
  • Brooke’s webseries “Pageant Pom Mom”, based on her sketch character Rowena Singh and inspired by her senior rescue Pomeranians, Precious and Kibbles is currently airing on YouTube. At the premiere party, over $800 in funds were raised for rescue pet charities. Learn more & watch it HERE !


Brooke’s production company Fluffy Butt Productions LLC was founded in 2013. The funny little name is based on Brooke’s love for dogs. Specifically, loving them so much that she screams when she can see their fluffy butt shake from a mile away, the same feeling she gets when she performs. An odd name, yes. But, a lot of heart…and sometimes a lot of fluff behind all their productions.

When Brooke is asked “You’re an actor, so what do you do, really?” She responds, “What don’t I do?” She is, after all a Leo with Gemini rising…and she sure as heck isn’t a Lazy Mary!

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