Memorial to Precious, Senior Rescue Pomeranian & Co-star Extraordinaire
Tuesday, March 15, 2016

I don’t know how to ease into this, y’all. Our sixteen year old rescue Pomeranian, Precious crossed the Rainbow Bridge last Friday. She was not just “the family dog”. She was family. So, it’s important for me to memorialize her as best as pawssible. (See, we like the dog puns, there. And, it took me about five tries to get spell check from taking over.)

My momma (I’m Southern, so I must, by her request call her “momma” not “mom” and certainly not “mother”) adopted Precious aka Presh from a breeder in Transylvania County, North Carolina. Presh was about six years old then and boy, was she feisty. She was feisty up until her last breath, which is what we loved about her.

However, Precious was also feisty in order to protect herself from a past of abuse. Her past isn’t certain but we’re sure she was abused and most likely was a puppy mill rescue. Precious so badly wanted to love and to be loved and she and my momma were two peas in a pod. My momma is the type who loves to hug…and who loves to hug dogs even more than people.

Through years of therapy and love, Precious learned to love humans, including some men and learned to walk on a leash again. She used to be terrified of a leash.  My momma devoted herself to Precious and vice versa.  They were all each other had in the beautiful yet very isolated smokey mountains of North Carolina.

When Precious was about 10 years old, I begged my momma and Presh just to pack up and move in with me in Jersey City. So, they did. It took some time for both Southern ladies to get used to being transplanted Jersey Girls. Precious acclimated quicker than my momma did, naturally.  To help them with homesickness, I started talking to Precious in a big North Carolina accent. And, my sketch character Rowena Singh was born.  This is how Precious and I created our webseries Pageant Pom Mom (more on that in a bit).

In May of 2011, I heard of a  9 year old boy dog whose human momma was passing from cancer and whose wish was to get all of her dogs to good homes. So, I adopted Kibbles and Precious quickly became an aunt.  While she still clearly ruled the roost (not aggressively, just through her fabulousness), Kibbles and Presh respected each other and became fast adopted nephew and aunt.

As Precious aged, she was diagnosed with collapsed trachea, something congenital and not uncommon in smaller dogs. Thanks to the help of the amazing people at Whiskers Holistic Pet Care in the East Village of Manhattan, Presh went on a strict grain free diet and some great supplements.  Precious really thrived on these supplements and seeing her resiliency was so inspirational to me.

In the summer of 2013, I decided to turn my sketch character Rowena Singh and Precious as herself into a full blown webseries with a cast and crew of my talented animal loving friends. Kibbles would also be in the series as Bobby Kennedy. Bless my friends, because it was imperative to me that shots be scheduled around the comfort of the “senior fluffs”, sometimes freezing out the human cast and crew to accommodate Kibbles and Precious in the July heat.

It was important for me to tell a story based on the inspiration of a rescue dog who was aging but who didn’t give a damn. She knew for a fact that she was the hottest and most beautiful thing since Marilyn Monroe despite missing teeth and being in her 80s.  It was Precious’s spirit that made me so passionate to convey a simple message, “There’s a beauty pageant winner in all of us.” If I could have a fraction of Precious’s pizazz, I think I’d be a happier and much better person.  And, I’m sure I’m not alone on this.

I think part of me also subconsciously knew that none of us lives forever. And, the fact that Precious was diagnosed with congestive heart failure made it all the more special that the cast and crew of Pageant Pom Mom leant their hearts and talents to help immortalize Precious.  Precious would love when our cameraman and editor and cast and crew would come over because she knew it was time for all attention to be on her.  Can y’all imagine that a dog who came from such an abusive past, fearful of people would eventually love to be surrounded by cameras and a large cast of actors? Now, THAT is what I call being a true beauty pageant winner.  Precious not only beat but she defied the odds. I only hope other rescue pets are so lucky. And, they will be, if people like you, who have taken the time to read a blog post about a beloved departed pet help make a difference.

We just received Precious’s ashes today. They are locked in a beautiful wood box with carved flowers on top and a plaque. But, it’s something so finite. Precious, to us, is infinite.  Every day since she has crossed the Rainbow Bridge is a day I’ve lost my sh*t at least five to twenty five times because I miss her. Part of us is missing. I do have some comfort in knowing that Presh lived a long, love filled life and passed peacefully.

I just hope and pray that I’ll gain back some of that feistiness that I myself once had.  Though right now I just want every reason to stay in sweatpants for as long as possible.  Although Precious loved being comfortable, she’d be pissed at me scrubbing it up.  At some point, I’m going to have to put on my pink sparkle.  And, I hope Precious will come to me in a dream and show me how.

Fur now, I think the thing to do is pay tribute to Presh in the best way that I can.  I’ve made a video of some of our favorite pics of Precious, including some pics of her and her furiends. Those fluffs include Teddy the Shih-Tzu, Fudge the long haired Chihuahua, Cafe au Lait the Pit Lab mix and of course Kibbles, her adopted Pom Eskie nephew.  You’ll also see pics of her from our webseries Pageant Pom Mom which I encourage you all to watch in her honor

I want to thank you all for taking the time to read this post and to watch the video. Pawlease feel free to leave a comment below sending a pawsitive message to Presh.

Presh, I love you guhl. Your beauty and positivity has made me a better person and I think all who met you would agree!


***The music is Water Lily, YouTube approved royalty free music. However, I do suggest playing “When Will I see You Again” by the Three Degrees. This is the song my boyfriend, Harry sang to Precious a lot.  Remember I said she used to be scared of men? Well, she ended up LOVING Harry. He would pick her up and they’d hug nearly all day.***

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Brooke, Anne and Kibbles, So sorry for yalls loss. Anyone that loves dogs would have loved Presh, short for Precious; And her name suited her well! All our love!! Nanny and GG

Posted by Nanny Cile | March 15th, 2016 |

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