Wednesday, July 9, 2014

TRUST ME, I’M a LIFEGUARD has been making waves these past few months and continues to splash (I have to keep with the beach theme, y’all) this summer. The film is a bro-mantic comedy about what happens when the summer of your life comes to an end. In it, I portray Smitty, a hard core lifeguard to say the least which is quite fitting because when someone abuses lap swim rules at my gym, I go postal…coastal?!? Not another beach pun!

TRUST ME, I’M A LIFEGUARD premiered at the TriBeCa Film Festival. Soon after, it screened at the Arizona International Film Festival, SOHO International Film Festival and the Brooklyn Shorts Film Festival. Other festivals getting splashed include Ft. Lauderdale International Film Festival and Long Island Film Expo. Also, on August 1st, it will screen at its (beautiful) shooting location of Stone Harbor, NJ at the First Annual Stone Harbor International Film Festival. For more info please visit

Check out some screen shots and festival pics below!


Smitty is hardcore about water safety!


With Christian Keiber (far left) as Murphy and Tyler Hollinger as Sam, also the writers and creators of TRUST ME, I’M A LIFEGUARD.


That’s the Lifeguard Ladies, Donna McKenna casting director on the far left and myself (far right) with the female members of the cast.

That’s my boyfriend Harry (of course, I had to fall in love with a BALD man named HARRY) and I at SOHO Film Festival.

This beach won’t be looking so calm after TRUST ME, I’M A LIFEGUARD jet skis through!!!

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